Sssshhh... This is the secret to success...

Try things you think might work and only repeat those that do work.


You're so much bigger than you think.

Your thinking is the only limit to your options and possibilities.  Do not define yourself on what has happened in your past.  Get present to the infinite possibilities that are available to you right now.  You might be surprised at what you can do.



A special post for all those creative communication and branding consultancies out there.


"We're  creative.  We do design.  We specialise in quality copywriting.  We can position your brand. We can leverage the power of your online media.  We are experts.  We're a collective of dedicated freelancers.  We're an award-winning media agency.  We're design specialists. We're expert in social media.  We have great solutions.  We will realign your audiences.  We will build your missions statement.  We can manage your image.  We'll manage your brand collateral.  We are innovation pioneers.  WE TALK BOLL*CKS!  We do everything from concept to print.  Our products are very special.  We are the market leaders in our field.  We will turn traffic into results."


Trust me… this is  the only time talking boll*cks stand out. 
Don't say you're creative… be creative.
Don't say you are special… be special.
Don't tell me you are expert… show me you're expert.
Stop talking boll*cks and be the boll*cks.



Have you been approved?

In what ways do you seek approval?
By being good?
By looking good?
By being good at something?
By being bad?
By being modest?
By being nice?
By being smart?
By having stuff?  
The 'right' house, car, books, phone...?
By being Apple?
By being PC?
Having the right hair?
Having the right clothes?
The right weight?
By not having stuff?
By being famous?
By being infamous?
Being in the right club?
By how much you're worth?
By how much you give?
By your work?
Being funny?
Being generous?
Doing the right thing?
Doing the wrong thing?


Does this way/s of being get the approval you're seeking?
How much effort is it for you?
What does it stop you doing?
Who are you really seeking approval from?

And what would things be like if you didn't seek approval at all?

I think it might be worth thinking about these things.



There isn't a right way!  Yes, you heard me!  THERE ISN'T A RIGHT WAY (if that seems shouty… it's because I'm shouting!).  There is not a rule book up in 'heaven' or written into the DNA of nature, that can be used for assessing the best way to 'bake a cake', 'start a new business', 'write a presentation', 'make love', 'bring up a child', 'write a status update', 'take a photo', 'make a film' etc.  Some people will tell you otherwise.  Be rest assured they're talking nonsense.  


And… as such, there is no such thing as BEST PRACTICE!  It's a stupid phrase.  It should be renamed "A pretty good way to do stuff we think… but if you can find a better way, then do that… and then keep searching for an even better way, but either way just bloomin' do something".  Okay, not so catchy… but you get my point, right?


The only good thing about best practice is 'practice'.  Practice means doing stuff, making some mistakes, getting things wrong, learning and, well, trying your best.  


So, just in case you missed the earlier memo… there isn't a right way, so go and get on with it!